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A Long Lazy Lunch with tastecard Restaurant Deals

Is there anything as enjoyable as a long, lazy lunch with family or friends? With tastecard you can look forward to superb lunch deals in the summer and amazing lunch offers during the winter. It doesn’t matter when you want to relax over a restaurant lunch. Dine out with tastecard during the week or eat out on the weekend; our dining club offers 2 for 1 deals or 50% off food at thousands of top restaurants around the country [...]

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tastecard+ is Always the Best Deal for You

You may already be enjoying the fantastic restaurant deals available from tastecard but with tastecard+ you really supercharge your savings. Hold a tastecard+ membership and enjoy incredible discounts of up to 40% on cinema tickets as well as reduced price admission to West End shows, comedy gigs and music concerts. You can benefit from low prices for exciting experience days as well as fun days out at Britain’s top visitor attractions. Did we mention the massive discounts on hotel [...]

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Have you been Eating Avocados the Wrong Way?

As you know, we’re a broad church at tastecard dining club. We’re happy for our members to enjoy their restaurant meals however they want. But we have to confess to you that we’ve been making a foodie blunder. We must admit that we’ve been eating avocados the wrong way and we don’t want you to make the same mistake. You may like an avocado as God intended, without any garnish or extra ingredients. You may prefer your avocado smashed [...]

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Always the Best Pizza Hut Birmingham Deals from tastecard Dining Club

When it comes to the best restaurant deals for Pizza Hut Birmingham pizzerias, a tastecard is all you need. Whatever type of Pizza Hut pizza is your favourite you’ll find it for less at their Birmingham restaurants thanks to the UK’s largest dining club. Top pizza at bottom-of-the-league discounts sound good? Then take advantage of our amazing Pizza Hut 2 for 1 restaurant deals. But what great pizzas await you at your nearest Birmingham Pizza Hut restaurant? Save Money [...]

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Top Thai London Restaurants with tastecard Member Deals

Pad Thai. Spicy green curry. Tom Yum soup. Get ready for the tastecard collection of London’s best Thai restaurants. Dining Club Savings at Recommended Thai Restaurants in London When you’re looking for the best Thai cuisine in London, look no further than our list of the top rated tastecard Thai London restaurants. With our 2 for 1 restaurant deals and 50% off food savings, you can dine out on the best Thai food at the best dining club prices. [...]

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Leading Leeds Pizza Hut Restaurant Deals and Savings

When you think of pizza in Leeds you have to think of The Hut! Who else but Pizza Hut Leeds can deliver fantastic pizza meals that have you coming back for more and more? And who else can deliver better Pizza Hut restaurant savings in Leeds than tastecard dining club! Our incredible 2 for 1 restaurant discounts provide our members with the Pizza Hut deals for Leeds that overpower puny online voucher codes. Before we check out the leading Leeds [...]

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Brilliant Back to School tastecard Deals and Offers

When it comes to Back to School restaurant deals, tastecard is the ultimate class act. At this time of year, it doesn’t have to be all about school uniforms and stationery products. Give yourself a break from trudging through school supply shop after school supply shop. Take a time out and eat out with our dining club. Looking for the best way to eat and save at the beginning of the new school year? Just take your tastecard out of your [...]

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Eat Out and Save Money after your Summer Holidays

Just back in the country from a summer holiday abroad? Still tasting the wonderful flavours of the meals that you eat on vacation? Even though your holiday is over, you may be inspired to keep eating food from your travel destination. Keep that summer holiday feeling going and relive those delightful food memories by eating out at a tastecard restaurant near you. With our dining club you always have the opportunity to taste food and drink from around the [...]

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Dining Out on World Vegetarian Day with tastecard Deals

We always look forward to World Vegetarian Day; at tastecard we just love our veggies! This year, on 1 October 2018, you can celebrate being vegetarian or loving vegetarian food for the special 24 hours that is World Vegetarian Day. You won’t be alone either as recent surveys have shown the huge growth in the popularity of vegetarian food and vegetarian restaurants in the UK. More than a quarter of all evening meals in the UK are now vegetarian or [...]

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10 Outstanding Indian Restaurants in London with tastecard Savings

Best Indian restaurants in London? Browse this tastecard Top Ten collection of London’s curry houses and fine dining Indian eateries. The Best London Indian Restaurant Deals for Our Members It’s not an easy job to pick out the 10 Best Indian Restaurants in London but we’ve sacrificed ourselves, so our dining club can benefit from our eating top quality Indian meals! We’ve tried Indian restaurants from Brick Lane to Vauxhall and back again, so you can look forward to keema [...]

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