90 Ways to Try tastecard in 2018

We’re always trying to save you money at tastecard and this New Year we’ve come up with 90 ways to Try tastecard in 2018. Benefit from being part of the UK’s largest dining club and enjoy 2 for 1 meals at over 6,500 restaurants in the UK and Ireland. Simply tell us how you enjoy your tastecard on our Facebook post, or retweet our competition post and follow us on Twitter, for your chance to win from over 50+ restaurant voucher [...]

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Tastecard’s 2018 Non-Resolution Revolution

Are your New Year’s resolutions just promises? Or will you follow through and see your friends and family more, get fit, eat healthier and lose weight? In short, will you change your life in 2018? Pah! Did you know that over 25% of people who make New Year’s resolutions give them up after just a week and go back to the same old tired routine? That’s why at tastecard we never make promises we can’t keep. We can’t promise that you [...]

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A Culinary Crime

You’ve heard of crimes against humanity, how about crimes against pizza? Well, that’s what Twitter users had to deal with recently when they were exposed to truly gruesome images. Images of a cheese and tomato pizza topped with, wait for it, melted Christmas Candy Canes! Just picture the peppermint-flavoured red-and-white-striped sweet stick melting into the cheese topping and tomato sauce. Now imagine taking a bite of this ‘mouth-watering’ pizza mixture and not wanting to wash your mouth out immediately. [...]

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