All American Dishes for Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl’s coming up on Sunday. And here at tastecard HQ, that means one thing: food envy. So, if you find yourself swooning over American grub as much as us, check out our fave American dishes below, available at tastecard restaurants. Ed’s Diner’s Full Rack of Ribs If you find anything that screams America more than a rack o’ ribs and three hearty sides, let us know. But if not, get stuck into this [...]

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What films are out this February?

Half term’s around the corner, which is great and all, but it means coming up with fun stuff to keep the kids occupied even when the weather’s not playing ball. With tastecard+, you get up to 40% off cinema tickets. So, come rain, shine or whatever else the British weather wants to throw at us, there’s always something to do. So, what’s on at the cinema this February? The Lego Movie 2 Sequel to The [...]

Best Chocolate Cake Desserts

We’re all about the healthy eating and fitness this January. But it would be rude not to indulge in a slice or two of chocolate cake for International Chocolate Cake Day, wouldn’t it? Yep. It totally would be. Here’s our pick of the best chocolate cake desserts to tuck into on this magical, magical day. Bruce Bogtrotter, eat your heart out. Chocolate Orange Brownie at Bella Italia A warm chocolate orange brownie, topped with a [...]

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Tips and tricks to save more money

We’ve all felt the tug of the purse strings this January. And although payday’s upon us, it doesn’t mean we have to spend every penny straightaway. Afterall, here at tastecard we’re all about a stellar saving. Here’s a few savvy lifestyle tips and tricks that’ll help your pennies go further… Well, we might be biased, but tastecard. Our members save £18.88 on average per use with 50% off or 2 for 1 on food, up to [...]

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2019 Food Trend: What’s jackfruit?

Introducing the meat substitute of the moment - jackfruit. Looking and sounding like a Hogwarts special, it’s taken the vegan world by storm this year. So, we're giving you the whats and wheres about the vegan meat substitute on everyone’s lips. Literally. What is jackfruit? It’s the funny looking sibling of the fig and mulberry. Originating from southwest India, and sometimes known as jack tree, the green, prickly fruit might not look like a trend [...]

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Best Independent Restaurants in Manchester

On the map for its iconic music and fashion scene, Manchester’s got loads to offer when it comes to food too. From make-your-jaw-drop dessert joints to spots with best hearty food around, we’ve rounded up a few of the best independent restaurants in Manchester. And you can use your tastecard to get 2 for 1 meals at all of them. Annies Owned by Corrie actress, Jenny McAlpine, you can’t really get much more Manc than [...]

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Top restaurants for healthy eating this January

Although we have absolutely no shame in all the dunking, munching and downright indulging we did over the festive period, we’re welcoming the January health-kick with open arms. So, where’s good for eating out whilst staying healthy this January? We’ve done the hunting for you and rounded up our top five chains with healthy dish options. You’re welcome. Bella Italia Spiralised Veg Gamberoni For an alternative to pasta, try one of the dishes from Bella [...]

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Best Vegan Restaurants for Veganuary

Eating green is having a moment. And we’re getting in on it for Veganuary. Challenging people to a plant-based diet for January, Veganuary is expected to be even bigger for 2019. We did some digging and scoped out the best vegan-friendly restaurants and dishes from our portfolio of restaurants. So, you can still eat out whilst getting into Mother Nature’s good books. Go on. Have your vegan cake and eat it too. PizzaExpress Kings of [...]

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