Andrew Hazel from Giraffe

This April, we met the Head of Food Development at Giraffe, Andrew Hazel, for our Meet the Chef series. He got into the nitty gritty about his role as well as telling us a bit more about his history with cooking and his foodie favourites… Life at GiraffeSummed up by Andrew, Giraffe’s all about “Big flavours. Positive vibes. Family friendly. Happy people.” Creating delish dishes since 1998, he tells us they plate up “feel good food”, taking inspiration from [...]

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Best Independent Restaurants in Birmingham

At tastecard, we've got a whole load of independent restaurants onboard that you've just gotta try, as well as national chains. This month, all eyes are on which independents to visit in Birmingham. From a cereal-stacked haunt to award-winning Thai spot, feast your eyes and bellies on a few of our faves. And don't forget, you get 2 for 1 meals or 50% off with your tastecard. Not bad, eh? The Cereal Bowl With Oreo [...]

What films are out this April?

Wondering what you can catch at the big screen this April? We've rounded up a few of the blockbusters to watch. And don't forget, you can bag up to 40% off cinema tickets with tastecard+. Pet Sematary When Dr. Louis Creed, his wife and their two children up and move to Maine, they have no idea they’re letting themselves in for a whole load of spooky goings on. Moving into their new house, the woods [...]

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