7 top tips for taking the best food photos with Zizzi

Champions of pizza, pasta and Italian cuisine, Zizzi took the crown for Social Followers’ Favourite in The Foodie Awards from tastecard this year. And we’ve got a hunch that it’s because their Instagram food photos always look so darn good. We’ve put together 7 top tips to get your food photography and grid looking as sleek, uniform and professional as Zizzi’s. And we've got some shots off their very own Instagram (@zizzirestaurants) to show the tips in action. [...]

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What films are out this December?

Want to get your hands on cheap cinema tickets and catch all the latest releases for less? With tastecard, you can get cinema ticket discounts at 350+ UK locations with up to 40% off tickets. So, all you need now is a list of what to watch at the cinema this festive season. Lucky for you, we've rounded up the latest December film releases, from new Christmas films to the new Star Wars and Jumanji instalments. GET UP TO 40% OFF CINEMA [...]

What and where to eat for a balanced vegan diet this Veganuary

One of the hardest things to get right on a vegan diet is making sure you're getting enough of all the good stuff, like nutrients and vitamins. There are lots of benefits to a vegan diet, but cutting out meat and other animal products means you're missing out on protein and vitamins you don't usually have to think twice about. A vegan food trend to pop up over the past few years is Veganuary. But "what is Veganuary?" we hear a [...]