Capricorn Foodiescope: The Pizza Fiend

The Capricorn is known as the Pizza Fiend. Lovers of all things dough, tomato sauce and cheese, they fall into either the Deep-pan Fan or Thin-crust Enthusiast category. Topping choices may differ between Capricorns closer to the Sagittarius or Aquarius cusp. But a passion for the doughy things in life means they spread their menu choices further afield. Garlic bread and cookie dough dishes are never off the table. Capricorn foodie traits. Date [...]

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The 7 Lucky Foods of Chinese New Year

It’s Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rat is here. Chinese New Year celebrations usually last for around two weeks, and this year they'll be around from Saturday 25th January 'til Saturday 8th February, when the Lantern Festival falls. Along with all the celebrations, food’s a huge part of Chinese New Year. And there are seven lucky foods for Chinese New Year that are eaten traditionally. Here's a little background on the famous seven... [...]

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Order’s up: The best pub grub on tastecard

Well those summertime beer-garden evenings never really started, did they? So, we're ready to pack in our hopes of dining outdoors at the local and replace them with ones featuring a hearty dose of the best pub grub and a fire. Feeling the same? We've picked our current favourite starters, mains and desserts from Beefeater, Table Table and Brewers Fayre. And you can dig into them all on 2 for 1, 7 days a week with your tastecard. No sun needed. Just your [...]

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5 burgers to try on International Burger Day

Sound the alarm: International Burger Day’s pipped it to the top of our Favourite Day of the Year chart (sorry Donut Day and Pizza Day). We’ve scoured our portfolio of restaurants to find the best burgers you can get with your tastecard. And they’re everything those burger dreams of yours are made of: juicy, saucy and discounted, of course. The Louisiana Chicken Slider from Absurd Bird You’ve heard of chicken and waffles, but have you [...]

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Restaurant of the Month: PizzaExpress

This summer, PizzaExpress is in the giving mood. As part of their #PizzaExpressWinBig campaign, running from 18th June to 16th September, they’re giving away cracking prizes every time someone dines at one of their restaurants. From free pizza for a year to Premier League tickets and sun-seasoned package holidays, there’s plenty to win and make your summer a real sizzler. Just head to your local PizzaExpress to grab one. And while you’re there, why not try their new summer menu? [...]

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The YO! menu explained

Known for their delicious sushi rolls, there's a lot more to YO! these days than just maki, uramaki and temaki. So, if you're a sushi-sceptical, there's plenty to fill that hole with. Think traditional Japanese food like doughy gyoza, juicy bao buns, fresh salads, crispy katsu and even desserts. Plus, half of the menu is hot and a third is vegan, meaning there's something for every mouth. With 2 for 1 across all dishes, 5 days a week, there's even [...]

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How to roll your own sushi

Maki-loving, seaweed-addicted, soy-sauce-drinking, sushi-head? Sounds like you're ready to up your game, don a rolling mat and try your hand at rolling your own sushi. We gave things a go first and great news: it’s a whole lot easier than it looks. Just follow our steps below, get rolling and hey presto! Delicious homemade sushi, sorted. What do I need to roll my own sushi? Rolling mat Nori seaweed sheets Sushi rice (already prepared) Fillings of your choice, e.g.: [...]

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tastecard presents its first pop-up restaurant, Hands Off!

Cross a whole load of sushi with a bunch of chopstick-savvy waiters and what do you get? tastecard’s first ever pop-up restaurant, Hands Off! The idea. Each night between June 10th and 14th 2019, tastecard hosted its first ever pop-up restaurant at Carousel Spaces in Marylebone, London, to raise money for our partner charity, Mary’s Meals. A dining experience fit for foodies who like a side of laziness with their sushi, when we say that guests [...]

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The best pizzas to tuck into for National Pizza Day

There are a lot of national food days we celebrate here at tastecard HQ. But National Pizza Day is way up there in our top 5. This weekend we'll be trying, testing and ingesting a whole load of doughy goodness. So, we've rounded up our top five for you to try. You won't be disappointed, promise. Bella Italia: Frutti di Mare King prawns, mussels, squid, queen scallops, mozzarella and chilli on a tomato base. Yep. [...]

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Fly Right Around the World with tastecard Chicken Wings

Ah, chicken wings. That fantastic fried chicken with varieties ranging from Buffalo wings to kung pao disco wings. Chicken wings are now an international snack from Vietnam to Africa and ready to tantalise your taste buds at a tastecard restaurant near you! There’s no need to take off on a wing and a prayer though. When you’re looking for the best chicken wings, let tastecard be your wingman. We’ll guide you to the perfect places to eat amazing chicken [...]

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