The best pizzas to tuck into for National Pizza Day

There are a lot of national food days we celebrate here at tastecard HQ. But National Pizza Day is way up there in our top 5. This weekend we'll be trying, testing and ingesting a whole load of doughy goodness. So, we've rounded up our top five for you to try. You won't be disappointed, promise. Bella Italia: Frutti di Mare King prawns, mussels, squid, queen scallops, mozzarella and chilli on a tomato base. Yep. [...]

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We Love Italian Food Almost as Much as We Love Saving You Money

You love dining out to an Italian restaurant, right? Si, of course you do! At tastecard we love our primo plates, pasta, secondo dishes, pizza, and vino. When you add in great Italian cuisine deals such as 2 for 1 restaurant savings and 50% off food offers you create a winning combination for our members. They love to eat in Italian eateries, ristorantes, and trattorias. And of course, pizzerias. Why not check out our London Pizza Restaurants blog post [...]

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Eating Pasta and Still Keeping the Pounds Off

Pasta has had a rough time over the past few years. Dieticians point at it and scowl, nutritionists tut when you talk about eating a bowl of pasta and those on a health kick desert it in their droves for lower-carb options. At tastecard we like to stand up for oppressed foods and we’re proud to say that we love dining out on pasta. And now, we have scientific confirmation of our pleasure in pasta. Drum roll please… Scientists [...]

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Ten Top Italian Restaurants in Birmingham with tastecard Discount Deals

You love going out to an Italian restaurant, right? Si! And there are plenty of superb Birmingham Italian restaurants to choose from. tastecard members can choose from lots of great Italian restaurants with our exclusive discount savings like 2 for 1 restaurant deals or 50% off food offers. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of some of our favourite Italian eateries in Birmingham from pizzerias to trattorias. Read on for our tastecard list of Top 10 Birmingham Italian Restaurant [...]

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London Pizza Restaurants

Great London Pizza Restaurants to Eat in Never mind your trendy bento boxes or quinoa salads. When you’re hungry in London, what better meal could you have than the world’s most popular food, pizza? Now you’re dreaming of crisp and chewy crusts, amazing sourdough bases and gorgeous pizza toppings. We’ve picked out some of your favourite London pizza chains to remind you of their delicious pizza menus and the delicious deals awaiting you when you dine out with tastecard! [...]

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