Make the Most of your tastecard Membership

Now you’ve got a tastecard, you can relax. Every time you eat out with our dining club, you’ll save money. But we want you to make the absolute most of the endless savings that tastecard provides. Here are some great ways for our members to use your tastecard. Try tastecard > Save Money. Eat Out. Try tastecard today for £1, get 2 For 1  restaurant discounts with our exclusive dining out club card. [...]

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Dine Out at the Weekend with tastecard Savings

Dining out during the week with a tastecard is pretty great but it’s just as good to eat out at discount prices on the weekend. Enjoy amazing 2 for 1 restaurant deals or 50% off food at lots of our dining club restaurants on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. What better way to spend your free time than eating your way through our menu of weekend restaurant deals? And then choosing your favourite chain restaurant or independent café or gastropub [...]

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The Very Best Autumn Restaurant Deals

The end of summer is nigh, your kids are heading back to school and Autumn is almost upon us. Fear not though, winter is still a few months away and Autumn has many foodie compensations. Dine out with tastecard in Autumn and enjoy incredible eating out offers that won’t have you pining for summer or fearing the winter months. With our dining club tastecard, every season is money saving season. Instead, embrace the new food season and our Autumn restaurant savings [...]

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Save Money Eating Out with tastecard

With a tastecard you save money every time you eat out. Endless restaurant savings are yours for the taking when you’re a member of our dining club. Take advantage of 2 for 1 restaurant deals or 50% off food at over 6,000 restaurants right across the UK and Ireland. Save £18.88 per meal when you have a tastecard in your wallet. Save money when eating out at over 25 nationwide restaurant chains or at thousands of independent restaurants in your [...]

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A Long Lazy Lunch with tastecard Restaurant Deals

Is there anything as enjoyable as a long, lazy lunch with family or friends? With tastecard you can look forward to superb lunch deals in the summer and amazing lunch offers during the winter. It doesn’t matter when you want to relax over a restaurant lunch. Dine out with tastecard during the week or eat out on the weekend; our dining club offers 2 for 1 deals or 50% off food at thousands of top restaurants around the country [...]

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tastecard+ is Always the Best Deal for You

You may already be enjoying the fantastic restaurant deals available from tastecard but with tastecard+ you really supercharge your savings. Hold a tastecard+ membership and enjoy incredible discounts of up to 40% on cinema tickets as well as reduced price admission to West End shows, comedy gigs and music concerts. You can benefit from low prices for exciting experience days as well as fun days out at Britain’s top visitor attractions. Did we mention the massive discounts on hotel [...]

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Have you been Eating Avocados the Wrong Way?

As you know, we’re a broad church at tastecard dining club. We’re happy for our members to enjoy their restaurant meals however they want. But we have to confess to you that we’ve been making a foodie blunder. We must admit that we’ve been eating avocados the wrong way and we don’t want you to make the same mistake. You may like an avocado as God intended, without any garnish or extra ingredients. You may prefer your avocado smashed [...]

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Brilliant Back to School tastecard Deals and Offers

When it comes to Back to School restaurant deals, tastecard is the ultimate class act. At this time of year, it doesn’t have to be all about school uniforms and stationery products. Give yourself a break from trudging through school supply shop after school supply shop. Take a time out and eat out with our dining club. Looking for the best way to eat and save at the beginning of the new school year? Just take your tastecard out of your [...]

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Eat Out and Save Money after your Summer Holidays

Just back in the country from a summer holiday abroad? Still tasting the wonderful flavours of the meals that you eat on vacation? Even though your holiday is over, you may be inspired to keep eating food from your travel destination. Keep that summer holiday feeling going and relive those delightful food memories by eating out at a tastecard restaurant near you. With our dining club you always have the opportunity to taste food and drink from around the [...]

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Bringing New Food Back Home with tastecard

We all love travelling abroad for our holidays, don’t we? The sun, the sea, the sangria. The snow, the skiing, the mulled wine. Travelling is a great time for families and a great time for experimenting with different dishes that you wouldn’t normally eat at home. Meals that you wouldn’t eat in the UK unless you’re a tastecard member that is. When tastecard families get home, they can pick and choose from a dining club network that offers a [...]

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