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10 Ways to Enjoy Fine Dining is only one part of our ten-post series highlighting the incredible versatility of tastecard and tastecard+. Snap a picture of yourself taking part in one of our challenges below, and upload it to social media using #tastecardit for your chance to win from over 50 weekly prizes. Remember to check back to our blog to catch the other nine money-saving posts.

71: Eat Out on the Weekend

Eat out on the weekend with tastecard dining club with availability at many independent and chain restaurants. Take your family out for a meal on Saturday or escape your family on Sunday for some weekend peace.

72: Try out Independent Restaurants Near You

Support your local independents and dine out more regularly in your locality. Not only does tastecard offer 2 for 1 meals at nationwide chains but you can also avail of great offers at local independent restaurants near your home like 50% off food.

Sit down to tastecard 2 for 1 savings

73: Enjoy Gourmet Dining

Use your tastecard+ for exclusive deals of up to 50% off fine dining. Enjoy rich gourmet meals at discount prices and luxuriate in your savings while you savour the superb culinary delights.

74: Get the Full Experience

Don’t stint when you’re eating out in a high-quality restaurant. Treat yourself to a fine wine with a fine dinner, all part of your savings as a tastecard member.

Enter a new world of tastecard restaurants

75: Try a New World of Restaurants

Open up a new world of restaurants for yourself in the next UK city you visit. Use the tastecard restaurant directory as your local guide and find restaurants just right for you.

The Fine Dining Savings of tastecard

Indulge in the best food at deliciously low prices when you’re part of the tastecard restaurant network. Not already a tastecard member? Don’t miss out on the superb savings you can make at fine dining restaurants in the UK. Try the tastecard experience in our January sale for only £1. Once you’ve tried the tastecard dining experience, you’ll never go back.

Reserve your place in independent restaurants

76: Stay Local

Use the tastecard search facility to find the closest local tastecard restaurant to eat in. Make it your mission to support your local independent restaurants and eat out more regularly with tastecard.

77: Dress for the Occasion

Dress to impress the other diners at your tastecard restaurant. Share a photo of you on Instagram for our dining club membership using #tastecardit in your best eating-out bib and tucker.

Lap up independent restaurant discounts

78: New Neighbourhood Restaurants

Keep up to date with the new restaurants in your neighbourhood using our search filter. Try a new local restaurant without risk of overspending, you’ve got tastecard discounts on your side.

79: Eat Out at an Alternative Restaurant

Can’t get a reservation at your favourite tastecard restaurant? Check out our mobile app for similar restaurants in your area and find an equally good alternative no matter where you live. Forget about restaurant vouchers, you’ve got tastecard restaurant deals in your back pocket!

Join the tastecard foodie community

80: Use our User Community

Tell us on Facebook about an experience where the tastecard member reviews matched exactly what you experienced. You can always trust in the quality of our restaurants, just ask the tastecard membership.

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