Have you fallen victim to the food trends of 2018 or are suffering from the classic January Blues? Dreading the dark evenings or worse starting your new gym membership? We’ve got some bright ideas on how you can use your tastecard membership in 2018 and banish New Year woes.

This blog highlights our January Sale where you can Try tastecard for just £1. Snap a picture of yourself taking part in one of our challenges below, and upload it to Twitter or Instagram using #tastecardit or comment on our Facebook post for your chance to win from over 50 prizes of restaurant vouchers. Don’t forget to check back to our blog to catch the next 9 posts. Here are 10 Ways to Beat the January Blues with tastecard.


31: Treat yourself to a cheeky new year’s drink

Treat your nearest and dearest with a restaurant visit. Celebrate the start of a new year and buy a cocktail or a glass of wine, using the savings that you’ll earn from tastecard 2 for 1 deals or 50% off food meals.

32: Get Out of your Onesie

Don’t sit inside waiting for a takeaway in your post-Christmas onesie or trackie bottoms. You can afford to dress up and eat out with all the savings you’re going to make with your tastecard. You’re welcome.

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33: Celebrate a New Holiday

The Christmas and New Year celebrations may be over but don’t let that stop you in January. Why not eat out with tastecard and celebrate Plough Monday, National Shortbread Day or International Chocolate Cake Day? Or more traditionally, try tastecard on Burn’s Night or St. Dwynwen’s Day.

34: Put the First Day Back at Work after Christmas Behind You

It’s not easy getting back to work after time off at Christmas but finish your first day back on a positive note and take yourself and a friend out for dinner. Don’t worry either about the cost when you can take advantage of our 2 for 1 meals or 50% off food deals.

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35: Book online with No Fuss

Tired of dealing with restaurants over the phone or are you a little shy? Try tastecard and you can book thousands of our restaurants online with no problem and no telephone interaction.

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If you’re not already a tastecard member, surely this list has already converted you! Try tastecard for just £1 and eat out at over 6,500 restaurant partners across the nation, only with the UK’s largest dining club.

36: Try a Cuisine New to You

Choose from an incredible variety of cuisines that are available exclusively with your tastecard. Banish the January Blues with your favourite food whether it’s pasta, curry or the best of British fare.

37: Get Off your Sofa

You won’t beat the January Blues by slouching down on your sofa. Don’t stay in. Go out every night! Try and make the most of your tastecard dining club card and eat out as often as you are able. With tastecard 2 for 1 deals, eating out got a lot cheaper.

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38: See your Friends and Family More

You know that New Year resolution of seeing your friends and family more? What better excuse to meet up than a meal out in a restaurant. There’ll be no January financial blues when you’ve got tastecard in your back pocket.

39: Get Back in Touch with Old Friends

There’s no better time to contact old friends that you’ve lost touch with than January. Why not pick up again after a long absence and eat out together, safe in the knowledge that you can always afford a discounted 2 for 1 meal.

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40: Try New Dishes in the New Year

You may have your favourite tastecard restaurant and even your favourite tastecard meal but what’s stopping you from trying something new? Yes, absolutely nothing. If you’re not going to try lots of new dishes when you try tastecard, when will you? And you won’t have to use restaurant vouchers ever again.

Make sure you tune in for the rest of our series 90 Ways to Try tastecard in 2018, but if you have even better suggestions on how you get the best from your tastecard, let us know on Twitter or Facebook. Snap a picture of yourself taking part in one of our challenges above, and upload it to social media using #tastecardit for your chance to win from over 50 weekly prizes. Join tastecard today!