Get your business off to a great start in 2018 by cutting down your expenses and improving your work life. Use your tastecard to take clients out for a meal, eat out for less while you’re away on business and keep your colleagues and staff happier with more 2 for 1 meals out in the New Year. This post is just one part of a blog series, 90 Ways to Try tastecard in 2018 to highlight our January Sale where you can join tastecard for just £1.

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Make sure you check out our blog regularly in January to see all the ways you can take advantage of offers and vouchers from the UK’s largest dining club. Let’s take a look at our Ten Ways to Boost your Business with tastecard.


11: Entertain your Clients at a Low Cost

Entertain your clients to a business lunch and pick up the tab. Tell them they can pay for the champagne to celebrate your new deal, you’ll take care of the food with your tastecard.

12: Leave Sandwiches at Home

Put away your limp sandwich and get out of the office at lunchtime. Eating out with tastecard couldn’t be simpler or cheaper with availability at over 6,500 restaurants across the UK and Ireland.


Tastier than an Office Sandwich

13: Get to Know your Workmates Better

What easier way to get to know your colleagues better than breaking bread with them? Socialise after work with a quick bite to eat on the way home, your tastecard will keep the bill low.

14: Reward your Staff

Make sure your staff know how much you value them. Reward them for a job well done and take your colleagues out for a meal on you and your tastecard membership.



15: Eat out in Major Cities at Minor Prices

Perhaps your work takes you regularly to major cities like London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast or Dublin? When you’re travelling for business, tastecard has thousands of 2 for 1 restaurant deals in every urban area.

A Cost Benefit Analysis of tastecard

You won’t have to do a Cost Benefit Analysis for tastecard, it’s really simple. You save every time you dine out at over 6,500 restaurant partners in the UK and Ireland with 2 for 1 deals and 50% off food offers. Not already one of our dining club members? Try tastecard for just £1 and join the thousands of business users who profit from our great savings every working day.


Take clients out for a 2 for 1 lunch


16: Impress your Client with a Hotel Meal

Try a meal for two in a hotel chain dining room near you. No matter where you travel in the UK, you’ll always find a great restaurant deal for your business on your mobile device with our free tastecard app.

17: Seal a Deal at a tastecard Meal

Shake hands over a meal as you finalise that all-important deal. Then tell us all about your business success on Facebook.


Delicious 2 for 1 discounts with tastecard


18: Drop in on tastecard Nationwide Chains

Don’t miss out on a proper meal just because you’re busy at work. With a tastecard you can drop in on lots of tastecard nationwide chains like PizzaExpress, ASK Italian, Prezzo and La Tasca for a quick bite to eat without the need to book.

19: Pick the Right Restaurant

Picking the right restaurant for a business lunch or dinner is vital. With tastecard you can research everything you need to know before you try a new restaurant. Choose the place to match your customer’s dietary requirements. With tastecard savings the only thing you’ll only be surprised by is the low cost of the bill.


20: Dine Out on your Business Trip to Ireland

If you’re visiting Ireland on business from the UK or you already work there, you won’t have to search far to find great places to eat out at bargain prices. Just consult the tastecard dinner directory for Irish 2 for 1 restaurant meals and 50% off food discounts.

Inspired by the tastecard possibilities? Check out 10 Ways to Beat the January Blues from our 90 Ways to Try tastecard in 2018 series here to discover even more methods of saving with our dining club. If you have other examples on how you use your tastecard deals and vouchers for business, tell us all about them on Twitter or Facebook.