2019: who knows what’s in store for it? Will Ariana Grande rule again? Probably. Will we be disappointed with the final Game of Thrones series? Sure hope not. Will we save loads of money with tastecard? Obviously.

Another thing we’re pretty certain about though is that we’ll be eating a heck load of jackfruit. Looking and sounding like a Hogwarts special, it’s already taken the vegan world by storm. And we’re giving you the lowdown on the meat substitute on everyone’s lips. Literally.

Jackfruit, who?

It’s the funny looking sibling of the fig and mulberry. Originating from southwest India, the green, prickly fruit can fit into a sweet or savoury dish thanks to its stringy, meat-like texture that soaks any flavour up.

What’s a jackfruit used in?

Savoury wise, everything from tacos to burgers to nachos. It’s giving pulled pork a run for its money and being labelled as “vegan pulled pork”, working as a meat substitute.

And when it comes to sweet dishes, think upside down cake and jellies. Yum.

What’s so good about it?

Well, apart from tasting delicious and working as a meat substitute, jackfruit’s really good for the planet too.

Jackfruit trees are built for climate change as they’re resistant to higher temperatures and drought. And they don’t need any artificial pesticides, herbicides or other “cides” because they’re naturally resistant to pests as well. Pretty impressive, hey? So, you can enjoy it guilt-free.

Where can I try it?

Byron. Their veggie Jack Stack’s got a veggie bean patty, pulled BBQ jackfruit, smashed avocado, baby spinach, rainbow slaw and coriander. Oh, yes.

So, what are you waiting for? tastecard today.

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