We’re always trying to save you money at tastecard and this New Year we’ve come up with 90 ways to Try tastecard in 2018. Benefit from being part of the UK’s largest dining club and enjoy 2 for 1 meals at over 6,500 restaurants in the UK and Ireland.

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This is only the first in a ten-part blog series to highlight our January Sale where you can try tastecard for just £1. Don’t forget to check back to our blog to catch the next 9 posts with more details of how you can save with tastecard.

Want it all in one easy place? Download the poster here 90 ways to Try tastecard and never forget the challenge!

Always Save with tastecard Dining Club


Ten tastecard Times with your Friends and Family

Why not use your tastecard to spend more time together with friends and family?

1. Take your friends out for dinner on tastecard. Lap up our 2 for 1 meals with friends.

2. Make a special announcement. Tell everyone your good news in a tastecard restaurant.

3. Gift a tastecard to a friend or family member. Give the perfect present to those close to you.

4. Take someone you fancy out to dinner on tastecard. Begin 2018 with a bold romantic step.

5. Keep that date night. Don’t miss out when you can afford a babysitter with tastecard savings.

6. Graduate to a tastecard. Celebrate your final exams or your graduation in style.

7. Bring a foodie friend out for dinner. Let them choose the tastecard restaurant, trust us.

8. Set up a weekly lunch with a close friend. Commit to meeting up for a quick bite to eat.

9. Distract your bored kids. Take your children out to a popular restaurant chain and relax.

10. Book a tastecard table for your next anniversary now. Make sure you mark the special occasion.


tastecard 2 for 1 Meal Deals


10 Ways to Boost your Business with tastecard

Get your business off to a great 2018 start, cut down your expenses and improve your work life.

11. Entertain your clients at a low cost. Take your clients out to a business lunch on you and forget forever restaurant vouchers.

12. Leave sandwiches at home. Put away your limp sandwich and get out of the office at lunchtime.

13. Get to know your workmates better. Socialise after work with a quick bite to eat before home.

14. Reward your staff. Reward them for a job well done and take your colleagues out for a meal.

15. Eat out in major cities at minor prices. Work dinners are cheaper with our deals in every city.

16. Impress your client with a hotel meal. Try a meal for two in a hotel chain dining room near you.

17. Seal a deal at a tastecard meal. Let us know about your business success on Facebook.

18. Drop in on tastecard nationwide chains. Dine out at popular chains without booking in advance.

19. Pick the right restaurant. Choose the place to match your customer’s dietary requirements.

20. Dine out on your business trip to Ireland. Choose from lots of tastecard Irish restaurants.


Lap up tastecard 2 for 1 Offers


Ten Ways tastecard can Entertain You

Think of tastecard as your entertainments manager and enjoy some amazing entertainment deals.

21. See your favourite singer live. The superb live music deals from tastecard+ simply sing out.

22. Fuel up before your next music gig. Find a discount restaurant deal near the concert.

23. Enjoy a Netflix night-in, with 50% off food pizzas at Dominos and Papa John’s available for collection and delivery.

24. Watch more movies but pay less. Benefit from tastecard+ cinema ticket savings around the UK.

25. Take a mid-week time out. Combine a mid-week cinema trip with a tastecard 2 for 1 deal.

26. Catch your favourite comedian. Chortle at the cost of our low-price tastecard+ comedy tickets.

27. Take a trip to the theatre. Use our tastecard+ discount theatre tickets for a stage near you.

28. A night on the town. Fuel up for a night out dancing with a trip to a nearby tastecard restaurant.

29. Eat out More on Fridays and Saturdays. Lots of tastecard restaurants now have weekend availability.

30. Keep the night going with tastecard. Enjoy a night away with amazing tastecard+ hotel deals.


10 Ways to Beat the January Blues with tastecard

We’ve got some bright ideas on how you can use your tastecard in 2018 and banish New Year woes.

31. Treat yourself to a cheeky New Year drink. Celebrate with a cocktail or another bottle of wine using tastecard savings.

32. Get out of your onesie. You can afford to dress up and eat out with tastecard deals.

33. Celebrate a new holiday. Eat out and celebrate Plough Monday or National Shortbread Day.

34. Put the first day back at work after Christmas behind you. Go out for dinner with colleagues on the way home.

35. Book online with no fuss. Book thousands of tastecard restaurants online with no problem.

36. Try a cuisine new to you. Choose from an incredible variety of tastecard cuisines on offer.

37. Get off your sofa. Don’t stay in, with tastecard 2 for 1 deals, eating out got a lot cheaper.

38. See your friends and family more. Keep your New Year resolutions and meet up with friends for a meal.

39. Get back in touch with old friends. Pick up again after a long absence and eat out together.

40. Try New Dishes in the New Year. Try lots of new dishes when you try tastecard restaurants.

Choose from a Variety of tastecard Cuisines


90 Days to Try tastecard

Spend the best time dining out with your friends and family, always at the best prices. If you’re not already a tastecard member, you’re missing out on savings at thousands of restaurants in the UK and Ireland. Try tastecard for just £1 and never go back to full price meals again. Join tastecard right now!


Ten Fantastic Days Out with tastecard

Have the most fantastic experiences only with tastecard and tastecard+.

41. Get away for a few days. Use your tastecard+ to get up to 70% off some amazing hotel locations.

42. Take a family day out. Try tastecard+ discount deals for the UK’s top family-friendly attractions.

43. Sit down and relax. Take a break from intensive retail therapy and refuel at a tastecard lunch.

44. Get out into the countryside. Eat out at a traditional country pub after a brisk country walk.

45. Treat yourself to an end-of-shopping dinner. Relax and dine out with all your shopping bags.

46. Enjoy exciting activity days. Experience thrilling tastecard+ events like sky diving and paintballing.

47. Take a rail trip. Find the perfect tastecard+ railway excursion for all the family.

48. Break out of an escape room. Take on the interactive adventure game and crack the code.

49. Sight-see in London with tastecard. See all the best visitor attractions at tastecard+ prices.

50. Treat yourself to a driving day out. Drive supercars, FI racers and tanks at tastecard+ rates.

Cool Bargains with tastecard Deals


10 Ways for tastecard to Save you Money

tastecard is all about value and all about saving you money every time you dine out.

51. Go Dutch with your friend. Surprise them with our 2 for 1 deals on starters, mains, and desserts

52. Track your savings in the tastecard mobile app. See just how much you can save using your membership.

53. Give the perfect gift to your foodie friend. gift them a tastecard and save money the next time you eat out together.

54. Get the best deal on your favourite dish. See what tastecard restaurant gives you the most money off for your fave meal.

55. Try and save more than the tastecard average. Can you save more than £15 on your next tastecard meal?

56. Have a multi-card tastecard dinner. Benefit from even greater discounts when you eat out with your tastecard friends.

57. Mark your best tastecard saving. Share your top tastecard membership savings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #tastecardit.

58. Eat out mid-week. Avail of tastecard availability mid-week at over 6,500 restaurants.

59. Dine out before popular celebrations. Avoid the normal crush of Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and eat out for less a day before and a day after.

60. Never leave home without a tastecard. Take your tastecard with you everywhere for discounts on the move.


Ten Times tastecard can Inspire you

Check out our list of inspired ways to use your tastecard and tastecard+.

61. Decorate your walls with a family photo shoot. Use our tastecard+ deals for a professional portrait.

62. Involve yourself in our social media community. Check out tastecard Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and have the chance of winning some amazing competition prizes.

63. Order things from the menu that begin with a t for tastecard. Challenge accepted?

64. Try new nationwide restaurant chains. We’re always adding new places to eat, keep up to date.

65. Be inspired by restaurant dishes. Advance your cooking and recreate a meal out at home.

66. Contribute to the charity Mary’s Meals. We work closely with our chosen charity and you help every time you eat out with a tastecard.

67. Start a conversation. Look around for other tastecard members and congratulate each other on the savings.

68. Brush up your cooking with culinary masterclasses. Try expert cooking classes from tastecard+.

69. Become an Insta-Ham. Share your favourite tastecard dishes on our Instagram feed with #tastecardit.

70. Share your favourite restaurant memories. Share your special tastecard memories on tastecard Facebook or Twitter.


Fine Dining with 2 for 1 Offers


10 Ways to Enjoy Fine Dining with tastecard

Make sure you make the most of dining out at the best restaurants with tastecard dining club.

71. Eat out on the weekend. Lots of independent restaurants have tastecard weekend availability.

72. Try out independent restaurants near you. Support your local independent and dine out more regularly.

73. Enjoy Gourmet Dining. Use your tastecard+ for exclusive deals of up to 50% off food in fine dining restaurants.

74. Get the full experience. Treat yourself to a fine wine with a fine dinner thanks to tastecard savings.

75. Try a new world of restaurants in the next UK city you visit. Open up a new world of restaurants for yourself.

76. Stay local. Use the tastecard search facility to find the closest local tastecard restaurant to eat in.

77. Dress for the occasion. Share a photo of you on Instagram in your best eating out bib and tucker.

78. New neighbourhood restaurants. Use our search filter to find and try a new local restaurant.

79. Eat out at an alternative restaurant. Can’t get a reservation at your favourite tastecard restaurant? Check out our app for similar restaurants in your area and try somewhere new.

80. Use our user community. Tell us about an experience on Facebook where the tastecard member reviews matched exactly what you experienced.


Exotic Dishes with tastecard Deals


Ten Healthy Ways to Try tastecard

Take better care of your health when you eat out with tastecard.

81. Put takeaways in the bin. Eat out healthily in thousands of quality tastecard restaurants.

82. Take a Time Out. Go for a quiet mid-week meal with a close friend or sibling after the frenzy of the pre-Christmas period.

83. Eat Out like a Vegetarian. Search the tastecard app or website for the closest vegetarian restaurant option to you and enjoy your greens!

84. Make your Health Kick a Permanent Habit. Keep up your healthy routines and choose the lighter bites on many tastecard menus.

85. Take a night off from the gym. Everyone needs a night off from working out, let tastecard tempt you to a healthy restaurant near you instead.

86. Find a restaurant for a picky eater. tastecard has lots of restaurant where everyone can find something they want to eat and can eat.

87. Keep Losing Weight with tastecard. Choose from a wide range of restaurants offering healthy but delicious food at healthily low 2 for 1 prices.

88. Net a great fish restaurant. Use our search facility to find the nearest fish restaurant, perfect to keep you feeling great.

89. Create a Healthy Routine. Find a health food restaurant near your gym that you can enjoy with your workout buddies after working out.

90. Reward Yourself with a Healthy Meal. Motivate yourself to keep fit with the 2 for 1 deals at your local vegetarian restaurant.

Make sure you tune in for the rest of our blog series, 90 Ways to Try tastecard in 2018. And don’t forget to let us know your ideas on how you can benefit from tastecard on Facebook or Twitter.