You’ve heard of crimes against humanity, how about crimes against pizza? Well, that’s what Twitter users had to deal with recently when they were exposed to truly gruesome images. Images of a cheese and tomato pizza topped with, wait for it, melted Christmas Candy Canes! Just picture the peppermint-flavoured red-and-white-striped sweet stick melting into the cheese topping and tomato sauce. Now imagine taking a bite of this ‘mouth-watering’ pizza mixture and not wanting to wash your mouth out immediately.

Uncooked Candy Canes Pizza, Sweet!

This ‘inspired’ combo was created by David Sanchez from Chicago who had a brain wave, or brain fever if you prefer, when he littered a cheese pizza with Candy Canes and Santa Clause sweets. To be fair, David, who captioned the Twitter photos with ‘‘Tis the season…to be jolly, my dudes’ was inspired by a similarly revolting pizza topping of candy corn on the very same type of pizza last September.

WARNING. The hardy souls and strong of stomach at tastecard thought you should see the culinary carnage for yourselves. Brace yourselves for the Candy Canes pizza!

Cooked Candy Canes Pizza, Stunning!

Give Him a Pizza our Mind

Unfortunately for David, not too many people were inspired by his rather unusual culinary experiment. DiGiorno, the pizza company whose cheese and tomato product David picked on, commented on his Twitter pizza nasties with ‘NO NO NO’ and begged him to ‘PLEASE TOP DOING THIS’. Twitter users were equally disturbed by his cooking shenanigans with the milder comments ranging from ‘You’re on the naughty list for this’ to ‘Breath gonna smell like cheesy Colgate.’

What do tastecard members think? Should we call in Health and Safety? Or have David locked up for both his own protection from Twitter followers and to safeguard your stomachs? Would you pay serious dough to see that? Have you tried other unusual toppings on a pizza recently? Let us know your favourite punishments for this crime against pizza by sharing your thoughts on tastecard Twitter. Don’t forget to check in to the tastecard Facebook page regularly as well for all our competitions and updates on great tastecard savings.

Eating a Candy Canes Pizza, Yum!

A Delicious Christmas Present

We promise that you’ll never have to endure the taste of a Candy Cane tomato and cheese pizza when you eat out with tastecard. Instead of imagining what disgusting combos you could force onto a defenceless pizza, why not give yourself the perfect Christmas present of a new tastecard.

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