It’s the season of the Aquarius, better known as The Pasta Devotee. A hearty bowl of spaghetti Bolognese for lunch, a mountain of spinach and ricotta tortellini for dinner and a midnight slice of last night’s lasagne. The carb-fiends know how to eat.

Find out more about the Aquarian’s foodie habits and read this month’s Aquarius Foodiescope below.

Aquarius foodie traits.

Date of birth: January 21st – February 19th

Foodie element: Carbs.

Ruling foods: Pasta.

Best to eat out with: Capricorns. Pizza lover plus pasta lover just makes sense.

Worst table manner: Putting salt and pepper on everything before trying it.

Most controversial food opinion: Mayo is the devil’s work.

Usually heard saying: “Is it OK to eat pasta everyday?”

Personality when hungry: Can’t think of anything but food. Absolutely nothing.

Aquarius Foodiescope.

The January “new year, new me” diets have well and truly left the building. So, it’s time to embrace that pasta-loving foodie inside once again. Temptation to drift towards the old faithful cheese and broccoli packet pasta mix may be hard to resist but stay resilient and keep the pasta possibilities in mind.

Keep minds and dinner plans wide open mid-week, because intriguing pasta dishes are in your future. Capricorns (The Pizza Fiend) are the perfect dinner date to embrace all things Italiano with. Dive into the opportunity of parmesan headfirst. And if garlic bread feels right, don’t resist.

Most Compatible Restaurant.

ASK Italian. Experts in the field of Italian food, the well-known restaurant have reams of pasta dishes to feed that penne-shaped hole in Aquarian’s stomachs. Find your nearest ASK Italian restaurant here.

What Aquarians should try from ASK Italian:

ASK Italian pasta dishes on tastecard

Hearty, unusual and downright delicious, the Purple Basil Pesto Genovese dish from ASK Italian belongs with Aquarians. Special fresh egg frilly tagliatelle cloaked in a vibrant green pesto sauce with fine green beans.

Music to Aquarians’ ears, pasta isn’t reserved for savoury meals at ASK Italian. The Rhubarb & Custard Ravioli from ASK Italian is one for the more adventurous Aquarians. Pink pasta parcels stuffed with a creamy rhubarb and vanilla custard mix, topped with rhubarb compote and crumble. De-lish.

Aquarians aren’t the only ones who love a bit of pasta.

Check back in March for the Pisces Foodiescope. It’ll be a good ‘en.

Want to visit ASK Italian?

With 93 restaurants available on tastecard, offering 2 for 1 meals, Sunday – Thursday, satisfy the Pasta Devotee with ASK Italian discount from tastecard.


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