The Capricorn is known as the Pizza Fiend. Lovers of all things dough, tomato sauce and cheese, they fall into either the Deep-pan Fan or Thin-crust Enthusiast category. Topping choices may differ between Capricorns closer to the Sagittarius or Aquarius cusp. But a passion for the doughy things in life means they spread their menu choices further afield. Garlic bread and cookie dough dishes are never off the table.

Capricorn foodie traits.

Date of birth: December 22nd – January 20th

Foodie element: Carbs.

Ruling foods: Pizza, always.

Best to eat out with: Literally no one. Capricorns don’t share food.

Luckiest ingredient: Dough, pastry, nuggets, fries. The carby stuff is the luckiest of all.

Mac & Wild Scotch Egg and Haggis Pops

Worst table manner: Putting garlic mayo on absolutely everything. There are other flavours you know, Capricorns.

Most controversial food opinion: “Mashed potato is queen and all other potatoes can go away.” Harsh.

Usually heard saying: “Can I eat your crust?” With their mouth full, of course.

Personality when hungry: Will open every cupboard door to find anything.

Capricorn Foodiescope.

With Veganuary emerging from a yearlong hibernation and green diets out in full force, now is the time to dip your toe into veganism, non-vegan Capricorns. But plans to eat as much cheese-covered pizza as possible won’t be stunted, because vegan cheese is on the horizon. And it’s good. Will you dare to try or stick with the classic mozzarella? A dietary change may well pay off and you might just find your new favourite pizza.

And for vegan and veggie Capricorns, if you’re feeling like the pizza love of your lives is just around the corner, you’re right. Keep that inquisitive nature and a hungry stomach for the new Pepperphoni pizza headed in your direction. We predict big, delicious things to come. Just remember your tastecard.

Most Compatible Restaurant.

Pizza Hut Restaurants, the restaurant brand founded in 1958, serving moreish Italian-American pizzas, side dishes and desserts. Find your nearest here.

What Capricorns should try from Pizza Hut Restaurants:

Vegan No-Cheesecake- Frankie & Benny's

Especially for Veganuary, Pizza Hut Restaurants are introducing their very own meat-substitute, Pepperphoni, to two new pizzas. Made from pea protein, it’s a healthy meat-alternative. Try it on the new Vegan Pepperphoni pizza, featuring tomato sauce and Pizza Hut Restaurants’ dairy-free vegan ch**se. Or, on the Veggie Pepperphoni pizza, which is the same, but with mozzarella instead of vegan ch**se. Perfect for those Capricorns who just can’t part from dairy cheese.

Be quick. The two new pizzas are only on the Pizza Hut Restaurants menu until 31st January 2020.

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With 252 restaurants available on tastecard, offering 2 for 1 meals, Sunday – Thursday, now is the time to feed the Pizza Fiend at Pizza Hut Restaurants.

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