Champions of pizza, pasta and Italian cuisine, Zizzi took the crown for Social Followers’ Favourite in The Foodie Awards from tastecard this year. And we’ve got a hunch that it’s because their Instagram food photos always look so darn good.

We’ve put together 7 top tips to get your food photography and grid looking as sleek, uniform and professional as Zizzi’s. And we’ve got some shots off their very own Instagram (@wearezizzi) to show the tips in action.

How to take the best food photos for Instagram.

The zoom of doom.

When getting a zoomed in shot of that stringy mac ‘n’ cheese dish or gooey chocolate fondant, stay away from sliding that zoom dial up. Zooming in with your phone camera lowers resolution, which can pixelate images and make them look blurry. So, you’re best getting up close and personal with dishes by moving your hand and your phone closer to dishes.

Zizzi pizza- tastecard

Natural is better.

The more natural the light, the brighter and more real-life your images will look, meaning there’s no need for a flash and less need for filters. Plus, the more natural looking the photo, the higher the engagement.

When shooting in a restaurant, choose a table near a window to get as much natural light as possible. And if you have the chance to shoot food outdoors, avoid direct sunlight. This will eliminate a sheen appearing on food in photos and there won’t be any unwanted shadows of you and your phone sneaking in.

Take multiple photos.

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking at your foodie photos post-shoot and wishing you’d tried another angle or layout. So it sounds simple, but just make sure you take multiple photos of the same dish. You’ll have plenty of other versions and if you’re ever short of an Instagram post, you can repost that bao bun from the archives a few weeks ago and no one will know it’s a latergram. One shoot. Loads of grid posts.

When in doubt, flat lay.

From the left, from the right, zoomed in, zoomed out. It’s tricky finding the best angle but a failsafe angle is the flatlay. This way, you’ll create a clean image and it’s a fact that flat lays always gain a lot of engagement on Instagram. Perfect when you’re eating out with someone – you can an even amount of a few dishes and drinks in one photo.

Zizzi Instagram imagery

Low lighting? Use a torch.

If daylight’s long gone and you need to get light from somewhere, our top tip is to avoid using the flash on your phone. They can sometimes be too bright and reflect off certain foods, which can overexpose images. How to get around it? Using a torch from a friend’s phone lets you control the light and get it at the perfect angle. You just need to find a friend willing to wait to eat…

Get your cutlery out.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in with the dish you’re shooting. Getting creative with your foodie shots by lifting things up with your fork and cutting into dishes will bring it to life and make your Instagram account feel human. Plus, it will add another dimension to your grid than just food sitting on plate.

Zizzi Instagram imagery

Always use the HDR feature.

First up, what does HDR stand for? Well, it’s High Dynamic Range, and it essentially means you get the best possible shot. It works by taking three photos at different exposures quickly one after the other, then combining the three to get the perfect shot. Dark shots become lighter and bright shots become less exposed. And it accentuates colours and details too.

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