We’re big fans of Absurd Bird’s juicy fried chicken, fiery wings, jam-packed waffle burgers and zingy sauces. So, we sat down with their Group Development Chef, Omar Romero, to get the scoop on the menu, his favourite dishes and his role at the restaurant.

What’s your role at Absurd Bird?

The no-holding-back nature of Absurd Bird’s menu it what we love most about the restaurant. And as the Group Development Chef at Absurd Bird, one of Omar’s main responsibilities is coming up with droolworthy new dishes. He told us: “I take inspiration from everywhere, like childhood memories, travels and classic dishes that could be reimagined in a contemporary way. Or simply being adventurous and saying, “why not?”. So, why not have a fried chicken burger with mac & cheese or a waffle infused cocktail?!”

Are there any vegan Absurd Bird dishes?

Even though Absurd Bird’s speciality is chicken fillets and wings, they also cater to veggies and vegans: “We think a lot about being inclusive, especially for our vegan diners and people with allergies, as we’ve designed dishes and sauces that are ‘free from’.”

We’ve also got vegan chicken burgers and tenders, and a range of dips from non-honey mustard or sesame Caesar, with no egg or fish.” As well as being inclusive, Absurd Bird are authentic and original, making their own sauces, marinades and fresh garnishes.

What’s life at Absurd Bird like?

When we asked him about life at Absurd Bird, Omar told us “ the name describes it perfectly. It’s a fun, out-there menu where fresh, somewhat risky ingredients come together to create unique flavours.” And the same goes for dining as Absurd Bird: “In five words, it’s absurd, decadent, fun, tasty and sassy.”

What’s the foodies’ fave?

“Our signature Crispy Fried Chicken burger is our most ordered. It’s made up of crispy fried marinated chicken with our special buttermilk coating, hickory smoked BBQ sauce, homemade coleslaw, lettuce and tomato.” Can we have one now?

Now we know all about the best dishes to try at Absurd Bird, time to get to know Omar a little better…


What’s your first cooking memory?

“Cooking “mole” with my grandma. I am Mexican and “mole” is a chocolate and chilli sauce to serve over chicken or turkey. We used to make it from scratch by grinding about 12 different ingredients.”

What inspired you to get into cooking?

“I’ve always enjoyed the ambience and busyness of a restaurant since I was a kid. And I’ve always liked the way ingredients are put together to create something visually appealing but also tasty. It was like playing LEGO but with flavours. Plus, you get to eat it!”

If you could only eat one thing, what would it be?

“Fried chicken, of course!”

What’s your favourite Absurd Dish?

“Well, I like pretty much everything, but if I have to choose favourites, I’ll start with our Fried Mac & Cheese Balls followed by our Extreme Hot Wings with our Nashville sauce. Or, the Rocket Man burger with homemade kimchi, Korean BBQ sauce, fried pickles and blue cheese sauce as a side.”

What 5 ingredients couldn’t you live without?

“Tomato, garlic, chillies, chocolate and butter.”

What’s the strangest ingredient you’ve ever cooked with?

“I like using toasted crickets, which might seem strange in Europe but back in Mexico they’re toasted and eaten as snacks. They’re also great to add to spicy salsas or with guacamole. I love them.”

If you could share a meal with anyone, who would it be?

“I would love to have a proper Tudor feast with Henry VII, including a cockentrice which is a half-suckling pig, half-poultry.”

So, like the sound of Absurd Bird?

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