Are your New Year’s resolutions just promises? Or will you follow through and see your friends and family more, get fit, eat healthier and lose weight? In short, will you change your life in 2018? Pah! Did you know that over 25% of people who make New Year’s resolutions give them up after just a week and go back to the same old tired routine? That’s why at tastecard we never make promises we can’t keep.

We can’t promise that you will get fit and lose weight, but we can vow tastecard can help you eat healthier without it costing you a fortune. We are always resolved to deliver what we promise and that’s exclusive amazing restaurant deals all year round. So, if you fancy joining our 2018 non-resolution revolution, try tastecard for just £1.

New Year Celebrations with tastecard

An Improved New Year

Don’t let the January Blues get you down, in fact, make the New Year a time for friends and family.  Strengthen your closest relationships and don’t take the important people in your life for granted. Ease the stresses and strains of life and meet up with the people who matter. Don’t get all mushy though, we’re just talking about eating out more!

Take your old friend out for that lunch you’ve been putting off for ages or treat your Mum to a thank-you dinner after all that Christmas slaving. Most relaxing of all, feel the warm beam of their smile when you produce your tastecard and enjoy that 2 for 1 deal on starters, mains and desserts. Starting the year off without having to worry about the cost of dining out, now that’s a New Year resolution you can afford to make in 2018 when you’re a tastecard member. Make sure you never miss out on our latest competitions and special offers by checking out our Facebook page today.

Do I need to Lose Weight too?

Lose the Weight of New Year’s Resolutions

Ah, the perennial favourite of New Year resolutions, losing weight! No wonder we want to lose weight after we’ve stuffed ourselves silly with turkey and chocolate over the Christmas season. If you’ve resolved to lose weight or, like tastecard, get a six pack, how can you improve your eating life in 2018?

Hmm? Can you see where we’re going with this? Yes, the tastecard experience will help you to at least think healthier when you eat out. Stop eating unhealthy takeaways and concentrate on putting your shoes on, exercising by walking to a local restaurant, and eating healthily while you’re there. tastecard has loads of fantastic restaurants on our scheme that offer healthy options and meals that don’t groan under the weight of excess calories. You don’t have to go cold turkey but at least look at the healthier option on the menu before deciding on that decadent dessert.

At least with tastecard you know your healthy habits won’t cost you! Keep up with tastecard’s latest discount deals and healthy offers by following our tweets on the tastecard Twitter page:

A Healthier New Year with tastecard Deals

A tastecard Resolution that Never Fails

We pride ourselves on always providing the best restaurant deals for over 6,5000 places to eat across the UK and Ireland. That’s a promise tastecard always delivers on. Start the New Year with a big bang of restaurant savings by trying tastecard for just £1. If you fancy giving it a go, click here, and start enjoying our exclusive restaurant discounts from the very beginning of 2018.