A popular New Year’s resolution is to take better care of your health. We are so on board with that aim that we’ve brought you a special post on Ten Healthy Ways to Try tastecard as part of our ten-blog series to highlight our January Sale. Try tastecard for just £1 and put our ideas below to the tastecard test. Snap a picture of yourself taking part in one of our challenges below, and upload it to social media using #tastecardit for your chance to win from over 50 weekly prizes. Check out too our other 9 posts with loads of ideas for how you can benefit from a tastecard in 2018 and forget about weak online restaurant vouchers.

81: Put Takeaways in the Bin

Don’t settle for an unhealthy Friday night takeaway when you can eat out healthily in thousands of quality tastecard restaurants across the UK and Ireland.

82: Take a Time Out

Make sure your body and brain aren’t overwhelmed after the frenzy of the pre-Christmas period. Take some time for yourself and meditate on the amazing savings and discounts you can look forward to with a tastecard including 2 for deals at restaurants nationwide.

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83: Eat Out like a Vegetarian

Perhaps Veganuary is a step too far this year but you can take some small steps to cut down on your meat eating. Search the tastecard app or website for the closest vegetarian restaurant option to you and enjoy your greens! tastecard has restaurants for every taste and every price point, always better than restaurant vouchers.

84: Make your Health Kick a Permanent Habit

Ensure your New Year health kick is here to stay. Keep up your healthy routines and make a habit of eating the lighter bites available on many tastecard menus, all at discount menu prices.

Get set for a healthy tastecard meal

85: Take a Night Off from the Gym

Everyone needs a night off from working out and eating out with friends is a great excuse to miss the gym. Let tastecard tempt you to a restaurant near you where, of course, you’ll eat healthily.

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If you haven’t joined tastecard up to now, there’s no better time to sign up than during our January Sale. Try tastecard for just £1 and save as you eat healthily at over 6,500 restaurants nationwide. tastecard delivers for both your physical and financial health!

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86: Find a Restaurant for a Picky Eater

There’s always a picky eater when you go out for 2 for 1 meals or 50% off food deals with your friends, isn’t there? tastecard can help you with lots of restaurant where everyone can find something they want to eat at discount prices.

87: Keep Losing Weight with tastecard

If you’re on a diet and losing weight, don’t let your momentum stall just because you’re eating out. Dine out with tastecard and choose from a wide range of restaurants offering healthy but delicious food at healthily low 2 for 1 meals.

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88: Net a Great Fish Restaurant

Use our search facility to find the nearest fish restaurant in our dining club membership network, ideal to keep you feeling great throughout the long winter season.

89: Create a Healthy Routine

Find a health food restaurant near your gym that you can enjoy with your workout buddies after working out. That’s a routine that’s good for you and tough to get out of.

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90: Reward Yourself with a Healthy Meal

The best way to get through a tough workout is to promise yourself a reward at the end of it. Motivate yourself with the thought of a 2 for 1 deal at your local vegetarian restaurant or look forward to 50% off food on a juicy steak meal to help build up your muscles, all at low cost tastecard prices.

Don’t miss out on other great ways to save as part of our dining club membership. Check out the rest of our blog series, 90 Ways to Try tastecard in 2018 with posts like Ten Quality Times with your Friends and Family. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you’re inspired with even better suggestions on how you can try and get the best from tastecard. Snap a picture of yourself taking part in one of our challenges below, and upload it to social media using #tastecardit for your chance to win from over 50 weekly prizes. Don’t delay, join tastecard today.