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Check out Ten tastecard Times with your Friends and Family below but don’t miss out on our other posts listing 90 Ways to Try tastecard in 2018.

1: Take your Friends out for Dinner on tastecard

Lap up our 2 for 1 deals with friends and pretend that you’ve won the lottery. You have, when you can use tastecard dining club deals at over 6,500 restaurants.

2: Make a Special Announcement

Where better to get down on one knee or tell your parents that there’s a baby on the way than a restaurant, in front of everyone? At least you won’t have to worry about the bill with tastecard vouchers and offers.

Tuck into tastecard 2 for 1 deals

3: Gift a tastecard to a Friend or Family Member

Give the perfect present for birthdays, graduation celebrations or weddings this New Year. After all you’ll have great use from your tastecard, why would you not want to share the gift of our dining club membership?

4: Take Someone you Fancy out to Dinner on tastecard

Begin 2018 with a bold step. Finally take someone you’ve been fancying for ages out to dinner on tastecard. Whether it’s a first online date or an old friendship with potential for more, they’ll appreciate your generosity, your charming wit and, of course, your financial acumen.

The charms of tastecard savings

5: Keep that Date Night

Keep your long-term relationship humming and don’t miss out on a night out because of cost or because of kids. You can definitely afford a babysitter more often with the savings you’ll enjoy with our tastecard discounts.

6: Spend Quality Time Out with tastecard

Spend the best time dining out with your friends and family, always at the best prices. If you’re not already a tastecard [link: https://www.tastecard.co.uk/] member, you’re missing out on savings at thousands of restaurants in the UK and Ireland. Join our dining club for our amazing 50% off food savings and 2 for 1 discounts. Try tastecard for just £1 and never go back to full price meals again.

Celebrate the tastecard restaurant discounts

7: Graduate to a tastecard

Celebrate your final exams or your graduation in style. tastecard discounts mean eating out is always affordable, even on a student budget.

8: Bring a Foodie Friend out for Dinner

Let your foodie friend choose the tastecard restaurant, trust us and trust their culinary judgement.

Foodie heaven at tastecard discount prices

9: Set up a Weekly Lunch with a Close Friend

Commit to meeting up for a quick bite to eat. When you have a tastecard in your pocket, you can afford to eat out more regularly.

10: Distract your Bored Kids

Got some bored children on your hands? Take them out of their normal routine and bring them to one of tastecard’s popular restaurant chains for something to eat. Still bored? Then give your kids your tastecard to play with while you tuck into dessert.

More money to play with at tastecard

11: Book a tastecard Table for your Next Anniversary Today

Be a canny romantic and make sure you mark the special occasion well ahead of time. Charm your partner with your thoughtfulness while saving yourself some cash.

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