We’ve all felt the tug of the purse strings this January. And although payday’s upon us, it doesn’t mean we have to spend every penny straightaway. Afterall, here at tastecard we’re all about a stellar saving.

Here’s a few savvy lifestyle tips and tricks that’ll help your pennies go further…

Well, we might be biased, but tastecard.
Our members save £18.88 on average per use with 50% off or 2 for 1 on food, up to 40% off cinema tickets and up to 53% off days out. No brainer.

Download a budgeting app.
Apps like Monzo or Mint help you budget for the day, week and even month. So, you can keep an eye on those pennies and make sure you aren’t overspending.

Opt for experience gifts.
Make someone special feel even more special with an experience gift. With tastecard+ you can get discounts on the cinema, days out and hotels. So, you save money while spending quality time together. Ideal.

Have a clever clear-out.
Stick your stuff on eBay or if something needs updating, take it to the tailors for a little refresh. Waste not, want not.

The “three times a charm” rule.
You’ve fallen in love with a coat, bedding or laptop. Now, take a few days to mull it over instead of impulse buying. And if you think about it three times or more, you’ve earnt it.

Buy second hand.
It’s great having all the latest gear, but it can cost and arm and leg and go out of fashion pretty quickly. Turn to charity shops or apps like Depop and eBay to find some more affordable gems. And even get last-month’s trainers for half the price.

Put £1 away per day.
It might not sound like a lot but set up a £1 per day standing order and you’ve got a hefty £365 at the end of the year. Holiday, anyone?

Carpool to work.
You’ll save a heck load of money carpooling to work with colleagues as well as looking after the environment. And if you’re the passenger, you can sit back, relax and plan your next money-saving trip with tastecard. Lucky thing!

So, what are you waiting for? tastecard today.

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