Browsing the menu and realising there’s nothing for vegans – the stuff of restaurant nightmares. Lucky for you, Giraffe have just launched their new menu and it’s packed with a variety of dishes.

Whether your dish of choice is meaty or vegan, Giraffe have every foodie covered. From delicious vegan starters like gyozas and padron peppers to Japanese mains like ramen and katsu, there’s a whole new set of meat and vegan dishes to be tried and tested. As well as new vegan dishes, there are veggie, gluten-free and healthier dish options under 600 calories to feast on too.

With 2 for 1 meals, 7 days a week at Giraffe with tastecard, there’s all the more reason to dig in. Want to see the vegan and meat dishes on offer at Giraffe? Here’s a look…

Vegan vs Meat at Giraffe.

Vegan Brekkie vs Meaty Brekkie.

The most important meal of the day just became the most delicious meal of the day at Giraffe. From big, hearty brunches and breakfast sandwiches to sweet, sweet pancakes, they’ve added some mouth-watering new dishes to their breakfast and brunch menus, including vegan and non-vegan options.

Vegan Brunch.

Scrambled tofu ‘eggs’, a famous Linda McCartney sausage, roasted vine tomatoes, flat mushrooms, smashed avocado and bloomer toast.

Chorizo Benedict.

Two perfectly poached eggs on a toasted English muffin, drizzled with a creamy Hollandaise sauce.

Scrambled Tofu from Giraffe

Vegan Gyoza vs Meaty Gyoza.

Chicken or Vegetable Gyozas from Giraffe

Doughy, soft, hot and packed with some kind of flavour-popping filling, gyozas are little parcels of goodness every plate needs. A traditional Chinese dumpling, they’re commonly eaten during Chinese New Year and in the northern areas of China. Giraffe are offering up a couple of different versions on their new menu, including a vegan vegetable gyoza and chicken gyoza.

Vegan Katsu vs Meaty Ramen.

Specialising in all kinds of cuisines from across the world, Japanese is a cuisine that Giraffe have nailed. Adding a beef ramen to their menu, it’s a traditional Japanese dish that translates to “pulled noodles”, made up of noodles, a tasty broth, veg and either meat or tofu. As well as ramen, they’ve also added another classic to their menu – a katsu. But a vegan one. And it’s good, trust us.

Vegan Katsu.
Vegan Katsu from Giraffe

A plant based jackfruit & chickpea crispy fake steak in a creamy katsu sauce served with jasmine rice.

Beef Ramen.
Beef Ramen from Giraffe

Tenderised beef steak sat on udon noodles in an Asian broth packed with chilli, radish, mint, coriander and basil.

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