Raw fish, rice and seaweed: sushi might not sound the best, but we promise, it’s a total delight.

Hailing from Japan back in the 8th century, sushi originates from fish being fermented in rice to preserve it. And eventually, people began to eat the rice as well as the fish. Interesting, hey?

Nowadays sushi comes in all different flavours, shapes and sizes and is served in a whole load of restaurants. And if you aren’t a fish fan, you can get meat, veggie and vegan options too. So, there’s something to ween every kind of foodie into it.

Wondering where to start? Well, we’ve got the ‘who’s who?’ of sushi to help you decide what to go for…

The most sushi-looking sushi of them all is the maki. Translating to “roll” in Japanese, the clue’s in the name, as it’s made up of fish or meat, veg and rice rolled into a sheet of seaweed.

Like an inside out maki, uramaki still features a veg and fish or meat filling wrapped in seaweed, but with rice on the outside. A prime example’s the classic California roll.

Not one to share or try to eat elegantly, the temaki’s the most unique member of the sushi family. Basically a sushi in ice cream form, it consists of a hand-rolled seaweed cone stuffed with fish and vegetables.

The odd one out of the bunch, sashimi isn’t technically sushi. To qualify as sushi, you’ve gotta have rice; and sashimi is slices of either fresh, raw fish or meat. Equally as tasty, only the very best cuts of fish and meat are used for sashimi. So even if it ain’t sushi, you know you’re getting a good thing.

To put it simply, nigiri is vinegar rice topped with vegetables or raw fish – typically salmon or tuna. Traditionally, there’s a bit of wasabi layered between the two, which gives things an extra kick.

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