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What films are out this August?

With summer and the school holidays in full swing, tastecard's the best thing to have glued to your side. As well as 2 for 1 meals or 50% off food, you can bag up to 40% off cinema tickets. The perfect way to keep the kids happy on a rainy day. So, wondering what you can catch at the cinema this August? Here's the top 5 films hitting the big screen... Once Upon a Time [...]

Food trend 2019: What’s banana blossom?

We’ve all well and truly jumped onto that jackfruit bandwagon, throwing it in every burger and taco and onto every pizza we can. But there’s a new meat-substitute in town. And it’s called banana blossom. Wondering what on earth the delicately named ingredient is? This should answer all your questions… Where does banana blossom grow? The clue’s in the name: banana blossoms grow on banana trees. So, they grow where bananas grow in places [...]

Chris Emelo from YO!

This June, everyone’s favourite colourful-plated Japanese street-food and sushi joint, YO!, landed on tastecard. So now, you can enjoy all those conveyer-belt dishes even more with 2 for 1 plates, 5 days a week. We caught up with Training and Development Chef, Chris Emelo, to find out a bit more about what to expect from dining at YO! He told us: “If I had to describe YO! in five words, they’d be fast, fun, fresh, culture and balance. [...]

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What films are out this July?

It’s the month that summer really kicks off with the start of the summer holidays making an appearance. So whether you want a feel-good animated flick for the kids or a bit of a horror to get your teeth stuck into, we've rounded up what's out this July. And whatever you choose, remember you get up to 40% off cinema tickets with tastecard. Spider-Man: Far From Home Following on from the film of the year, Avengers: [...]

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The YO! menu explained

Known for their delicious sushi rolls, there's a lot more to YO! these days than just maki, uramaki and temaki. So, if you're a sushi-sceptical, there's plenty to fill that hole with. Think traditional Japanese food like doughy gyoza, juicy bao buns, fresh salads, crispy katsu and even desserts. Plus, half of the menu is hot and a third is vegan, meaning there's something for every mouth. With 2 for 1 across all dishes, 5 days a week, there's even [...]

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How to roll your own sushi

Maki-loving, seaweed-addicted, soy-sauce-drinking, sushi-head? Sounds like you're ready to up your game, don a rolling mat and try your hand at rolling your own sushi. We gave things a go first and great news: it’s a whole lot easier than it looks. Just follow our steps below, get rolling and hey presto! Delicious homemade sushi, sorted. What do I need to roll my own sushi? Rolling mat Nori seaweed sheets Sushi rice (already prepared) Fillings of your choice, e.g.: [...]

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Restaurant of the Month: Café Rouge

This month marks Café Rouge's 30th birthday. So, to toast the big 3-0, we've crowned them our Restaurant of the Month for June. Known for their Parisienne bistro-style menu and relaxed dining experience, they're a favourite for tastecarders. And we've delved into the past 30 years of Café Rouge to uncover a few highlights for the occasion and find out what's made them just so good. IN THE BEGINNING Founded in 1989, the very [...]

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tastecard presents: Hands Off!

Cross a whole load of sushi with a bunch of chopstick-savvy waiters and what do you get? tastecard’s first ever pop-up restaurant, Hands Off! The idea Taking place every night between June 10th and 14th, tastecard hosted its first ever pop-up restaurant at Carousel Spaces in Marylebone, London, to raise money for our partner charity, Mary’s Meals. A dining experience fit for foodies who like a side of laziness with their sushi, when we say [...]

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Simon Xavier from Chiquito

For June’s Meet the Chef instalment, we spoke to Executive Chef of Chiquito, Simon Xavier. Masters of all things Mexicano, he gave us some insight into what goes on in his role day to day at Chiquito. And we put our Meet the Chef questions to him to get to know him a little better. Life at Chiquito When asked to describe dining at Chiquito in five words, Simon told us "Flavourful, fun, vibrant, fresh and welcoming". And as [...]

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Restaurant of the Month: ASK Italian

Our Restaurant of the Month this May is ASK Italian. Founded back in 1993, the brand have been championing Italian cuisine ever since. We’re talking melt-in-your-mouth pasta, straight-outta-Sorrento pizza and “keep the scoops coming” gelato. And with a menu so good, it can be tricky to pick. So, they let us in on some of their must-try dishes, from seafood starters to vegan desserts. But trust us, there’s plenty more that’ll tickle your fancy. To [...]

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