Aquarius Foodiescope: The Pasta Devotee.

It’s the season of the Aquarius, better known as The Pasta Devotee. A hearty bowl of spaghetti Bolognese for lunch, a mountain of spinach and ricotta tortellini for dinner and a midnight slice of last night’s lasagne. The carb-fiends know how to eat. Find out more about the Aquarian’s foodie habits and read this month’s Aquarius Foodiescope below. Aquarius foodie traits. Date of birth: January 21st – February 19th Foodie element: Carbs. Ruling [...]

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Italian ingredients every dish needs according to ASK Italian

Tips from Italian cuisine chef, Theo Randall, scouring out the best Italian ingredients and working up sweet pasta dishes. That’s just a day in the life of Jeena Koshy, Head of Food and Drink Development at ASK Italian. She tells us all in this month's Meet the Chef. What’s your day to day at ASK Italian? When we asked Jeena to describe dining at ASK Italian in five words, she said“Nowhere else I’d rather be.”And from the way she’s gushed [...]

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Restaurant of the Month: ASK Italian

Our Restaurant of the Month this May is ASK Italian. Founded back in 1993, the brand have been championing Italian cuisine ever since. We’re talking melt-in-your-mouth pasta, straight-outta-Sorrento pizza and “keep the scoops coming” gelato. And with a menu so good, it can be tricky to pick. So, they let us in on some of their must-try dishes, from seafood starters to vegan desserts. But trust us, there’s plenty more that’ll tickle your fancy. To [...]

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Top restaurants for healthy eating this January

Although we have absolutely no shame in all the dunking, munching and downright indulging we did over the festive period, we’re welcoming the January health-kick with open arms. So, where’s good for eating out whilst staying healthy this January? We’ve done the hunting for you and rounded up our top five chains with healthy dish options. You’re welcome. Bella Italia Spiralised Veg Gamberoni For an alternative to pasta, try one of the dishes from Bella [...]

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