The 7 Lucky Foods of Chinese New Year

It’s Chinese New Year and the Year of the Pig is here. The celebrations usually last for around two weeks, and this year they’ll be ending on February 15th, when the Lantern Festival falls. Along with all the celebrations, food’s a huge part of Chinese New Year. And there are seven main dishes that are eaten for luck. Here's a little background on the famous seven... Tangyuan for Family Togetherness Made up of glutinous rice [...]

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All American Dishes for Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl’s coming up on Sunday. And here at tastecard HQ, that means one thing: food envy. So, if you find yourself swooning over American grub as much as us, check out our fave American dishes below, available at tastecard restaurants. Ed’s Diner’s Full Rack of Ribs If you find anything that screams America more than a rack o’ ribs and three hearty sides, let us know. But if not, get stuck into this [...]

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Best Chocolate Cake Desserts

We’re all about the healthy eating and fitness this January. But it would be rude not to indulge in a slice or two of chocolate cake for International Chocolate Cake Day, wouldn’t it? Yep. It totally would be. Here’s our pick of the best chocolate cake desserts to tuck into on this magical, magical day. Bruce Bogtrotter, eat your heart out. Chocolate Orange Brownie at Bella Italia A warm chocolate orange brownie, topped with a [...]

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