Best Independent Restaurants in Birmingham

At tastecard, we've got a whole load of independent restaurants onboard that you've just gotta try, as well as national chains. This month, all eyes are on which independents to visit in Birmingham. From a cereal-stacked haunt to award-winning Thai spot, feast your eyes and bellies on a few of our faves. And don't forget, you get 2 for 1 meals or 50% off with your tastecard. Not bad, eh? The Cereal Bowl With Oreo [...]

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2019 Food Trend: What’s jackfruit?

Introducing the meat substitute of the moment - jackfruit. Looking and sounding like a Hogwarts special, it’s taken the vegan world by storm this year. So, we're giving you the whats and wheres about the vegan meat substitute on everyone’s lips. Literally. What is jackfruit? It’s the funny looking sibling of the fig and mulberry. Originating from southwest India, and sometimes known as jack tree, the green, prickly fruit might not look like a trend [...]

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Restaurants with the Best Vegan Burgers

It’s official. We’ve fallen in love with the almighty vegan burger this Veganuary. They serve up all the deliciousness of a juicy burger whilst staying animal-friendly. So, you get your burger fix and do your bit for the environment and your bod at the same time. Gold medal over here, please. Plenty of tastecard restaurants are serving up the goods when it comes to vegan burgers. And we’ve rounded up a few that we reckon you should add to your [...]

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Best Vegan Restaurants for Veganuary

Eating green is having a moment. And we’re getting in on it for Veganuary. Challenging people to a plant-based diet for January, Veganuary is expected to be even bigger for 2019. We did some digging and scoped out the best vegan-friendly restaurants and dishes from our portfolio of restaurants. So, you can still eat out whilst getting into Mother Nature’s good books. Go on. Have your vegan cake and eat it too. PizzaExpress Kings of [...]

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