How to make your own sushi without a rolling mat.

Self-isolation has brought out the creative-in-the-kitchen side in a lot of us. We're seeing banana breads and frothy coffees all over our social media, and we've got a few easy recipes up our sleeves that'll come in handy too. One dish we're really missing is sushi. YO! is usually our go-to spot and for anyone else missing their sushi fix, we've got an easy 4 step sushi recipe you can do without a rolling mat. So don a tea [...]

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Pisces Foodiescope: The Chopstick Extraordinaire.

Pisces season is well and truly upon us. And these Japanese food buffs are better known as The Chopstick Extraordinaires. Maki, sashimi, mochi, yakisoba, bao buns – you name the traditional Japanese food, and they’ll have tried it. Read more about the Pisces’ foodie habits below as well as the full Pisces Foodiescope. Pisces foodie traits. Date of birth: February 19th – March 20th Foodie element: Seafood. Ruling foods: Anything Japanese. Best to [...]

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Best burgers to try on International Burger Day

Sound the alarm: International Burger Day’s pipped it to the top of our Favourite Day of the Year chart (sorry Donut Day and Pizza Day). We’ve scoured our portfolio of restaurants to find the best burgers you can get with your tastecard. And they’re everything those burger dreams of yours are made of: juicy, saucy and discounted, of course. The Louisiana Chicken Slider from Absurd Bird You’ve heard of chicken and waffles, but have you [...]

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Chris Emelo from YO!

This June, everyone’s favourite colourful-plated Japanese street-food and sushi joint, YO!, landed on tastecard. So now, you can enjoy all those conveyer-belt dishes even more with 2 for 1 plates, 5 days a week. We caught up with Training and Development Chef, Chris Emelo, to find out a bit more about what to expect from dining at YO! He told us: “If I had to describe YO! in five words, they’d be fast, fun, fresh, culture and balance. [...]

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The YO! menu explained

Known for their delicious sushi rolls, there's a lot more to YO! these days than just maki, uramaki and temaki. So, if you're a sushi-sceptical, there's plenty to fill that hole with. Think traditional Japanese food like doughy gyoza, juicy bao buns, fresh salads, crispy katsu and even desserts. Plus, half of the menu is hot and a third is vegan, meaning there's something for every mouth. With 2 for 1 across all dishes, 5 days a week, there's even [...]

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